The forest of the Amazon River basin is central to life on Earth

It is a powerful ally in the fight against climate change.
It’s unique, and it is threatened. 

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The largest rainforest in the world
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The river that carries the most water in the world
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of all known species lives here!
A unique biodiversity, still unknown.
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Indigenous peoples, traditional communities: a precious cultural diversity
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Good News

Half of the planet’s rainforests have already disappeared. The Amazon remains the largest on the planet. 

The good news is that 80% of it is still standing, making our challenge possible.

About us


Our commitment is the long-term protection of the Amazon, its forest and its diversity

We operate in areas of intact forest, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon.
We support the native people, the forest  guardians, to defend their environment, culture and traditions. As we spread their word.

what we do



Jauaperi EXTRACTIVE Reserve

600,000 hectares of untouched forest, plucked from deforestation and protected forever

In 2018, together with the native population of the Rio Jauaperi, a tributary of the Rio Negro, one of the main tributaries of the Amazon, we achieved the creation of an important protected area, with an extension more than half the size of Jamaica.

600,000 hectares of untouched forest, plucked from deforestation and long-term protected, learn more about the Jauaperi Extractive Reserve. 



Our interventions follow the path indicated by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We participate in the global challenge for a fairer world, a healthier planet and a less uncertain future.

Our partners




We are the opportunity you were looking for. Join us to contribute to the battle in defence of the Amazon and its peoples, counter the climate crisis, guarantee the health of our planet and offer humanity a future.


Battles need funds.
Make a donation and you will be with us every day, actively, in the field.


Battles need people.
Invest your time, your skills and your passion. 


The most beautiful battlefield.
Experience the Amazon and get to know its guardians.


Are you a company or a foundation? Find out how to become greener with our projects.


Battles need funds.
Make a donation and you will be with us every day, actively, in the field.


Battles need people.
Experience the Amazon and get to know its guardians.


Are you a company or a foundation? Find out how to become greener with our projects.

and more...

Protect a tree

Celebrate a special occasion by giving long life to a tree in the Amazon rainforest.

You will receive a Personalized Certificate with the dedication you want, the photo and the geographical coordinates of the tree you have chosen to protect.

from our blog.

Articles from our blog

Back to the Amazon Forest and Communities

Great joy in the Amazon for the recent visit of our vice president!

After a long absence, Tiziana Faraoni came back to visit the Jauaperi Reserve, where Amazônia has been working for many years.

“It was nice to see the many improvements, the tangible results achieved over the years. CoopXixuaú is a doing fantastic work with its community-based ecotourism, bringing income and better living conditions to many families of the park.

We reached several villages and visited the works carried out with the support of Amazônia, such as the community center of the indigenous village Gaspar and that of the Itaquera community. In the Bela Vista community, we verified the progress of the education project we are carrying out together with the English partner ACT, with whom we are rebuilding the schools of the reserve.

It was beautiful to come back and spend time with friends, seeing those who once were children become fathers. One emotion after another!”

Tiziana is the picture editor in charge of the important Italian news magazine “L’Espresso” and the TOFM – The Official Ferrari Magazine. During her stay, the vice president and the team of our partner VisionAir filmed and took photographs that will enrich the local cooperative’s image archive, our partner for the creation of projects in the reserve.

River of Light: concluding chapters of success

“Having participated as an educator in the Rio de Luz Project was a process that illuminated my professional and personal trajectory.”
Thus, in a note, educator Renata Almeida describes her two-month experience in the Baixo Rio Branco and Jauaperi Extractive Reserve.

“I learned a lot about being a child, living connected with nature, about rural education, about simplicity, skills, being in a community, and above all, I learned many ways to respect the forest and its charms. I understood that education is happening and being built all the time: in the collective preparation of flour, in fishing, in the balance that the canoe requires, in working the fields, in games and in socializing.
In each of the ten communities I passed through, I could feel the strength of the forest, the river and the people who live there and take care of the territories. I had the privilege of meeting incredible, inspiring people and learning about caring for nature, the spirits of the forest and many ways of living simply, nourishing oneself with what the Earth and water provide. In fact, I was able to taste different fish, prepared in different ways, always very tasty, which nourished my body and filled me with indescribable riverine energy.
Still filled with joy and teachings, I feel the power that activities such as the environmental education workshops of the Rio de Luz Project have in the communities and, therefore, long life to the Project, so that it continues to illuminate and flow in the lives of many people, allowing people and communities to share more and more experiences and knowledge.
I thank each and every one who crossed my path in this immensity of the Amazon, especially the children, teachers and professors! I take this experience with affection, in my mind and in my heart! Thank you very much to CoopXixuaú, the NGO Amazônia and the Amazon Charitable Trust, for the opportunity and trust!”

We at Amazônia would like to thank Renata, the coordinators of rural schools Alzilete and Oscar, all the teachers and parents and community leaders who made the project a success!

The project is the result of collaboration between the education departments of Amazonas and Roraima, ICMBio, CoopXixuaú, Amazônia and Amazon Charitable Trust, with the support of Rothoblaas, Trentino Insieme, Fosit, Riccio Giramondo, Fondazione Quarta de Matteis and Torchiani Servizi Ecologici.

A big thank you to Projeto BioClimAmazônia – INPA and FAPEAM, Laboratório de Psicologia e Educação Ambiental – INPA for the teaching material.

This collaborative effort is a shining example of what can be achieved when diverse entities come together with a shared purpose.



Amazônia president’s tour to Italy to present her book “Amazzonia. Una vita nel cuore della foresta” (Editori Laterza) has just ended.

The author declares, “In the book I tried to tell about the humanity and the spaces that make this heterogeneous place one of the most fascinating on the planet, the beauty of the territories and its inhabitants, not only human, as well as the fear and the enchantment that spring from the unmediated contact with nature. But also violence, illegal mining, logging, speculation, poaching, the struggle of the natives in defense of the forest. The book is meant to be my personal contribution to the debate on the environmental issue and the current and future challenges the planet is facing.”

Emanuela’s tour touched numerous Italian cities, including Milan, Lucca, Florence, and Rome, but also reserved a special space in Lanuvio, the biologist’s hometown. During this tour, the audience had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the depths of the Amazon rainforest through Emanuela’s engaging descriptions. In addition, the tour offered a valuable opportunity to learn firsthand about the significant work done by the Amazônia Association in preserving and protecting this extraordinary and vital part of our planet. The book was so successful that it was reprinted only thirty days after its debut in bookstores.

Between October and December Emanuela gave several interviews and participated in numerous radio and television broadcasts, emphatically stressing the importance and urgency of pursuing the construction of a model of society based on criteria of greater responsibility in the social, environmental and economic spheres.

During her public appearances, she did not fail to highlight the current situation of extreme and unprecedented drought afflicting the Amazon and forest peoples, with devastating consequences for the ecosystem and the communities̀ that depend on the forest and rivers for subsistence. 

Together with partner Amazon Charitable Trust Emanuela also attended COP 28 in Dubai, closely following the negotiations at the UN World Climate Conference. This important event discussed the fate of our planet and possible solutions to counter the growing climate crisis.

Pianeta Terra Festival, Lucca

Camera dei Deputati, Roma

Marostica, Centro Culturale

BookCity, Milano

Festival L’Eredità delle Donne, Firenze

Fiera Più Libri, Più Liberi

Quante storie, RAI 3

Alla scoperta del Ramo d’Oro, RAI 3

La Forza delle Donne, Uno Mattina  RAI 1

Click here for the book details and to purchase ‘Amazzonia. Una vita nel cuore della foresta'(In Italian)

Click here for articles, interviews, radio and TV appearances

List of appointments on the book presentation tour:

8/10 – Lucca – Festival Pianeta Terra, in dialogo con Alessandra Viola.

15/10 – Reggio Emilia – Festival Finalmente Domenica, Dialogo con Davide Papotti. Ridotto del Teatro Valli.

16/10 – Borgomanero – Oratorio di Borgomanero, in collaborazione con PIME.

23/10 – Roma – Camera dei Deputati, Sala Matteotti, Piazza del Parlamento 19. Saluti Istituzionali: On. Andrea Volpi (Deputato della Repubblica), On. Fabio Porta (Deputato della Repubblica). Moderato da Stefano Zago (Direttore Teleambiente); Interventi di Simone Santilli (Assessore all’Ambiente – Lanuvio), Pierluigi Sassi (Presidente di Earth Day Italia).

28/10 – Albano LazialeLe Promesse Libreria Bistrot, in dialogo con Francesca Guercio.

7/11  – Lanuvio (RM), Sala delle Colonne Villa Sforza Cesarini, in dialogo con Antonella Rizzo. Interventi del Sindaco di Lanuvio on. Andrea Volpi e del Presidente del Consiglio Comunale Alessandro De Santis.

10/11  – Roverè della Luna (TN), Circolo Culturale Ricreativo.

12/11 – Marostica (VI), Centro Culturale ex Chiesetta San Marco, a cura di ASD Progetto Sport e Cultura.

13/11 – Cartigliano (VI), Villa Morosini Cappello, a cura di ASD Progetto Sport e Cultura.

14/11 – Modena, Sede Foreste per Sempre ODV – Gev Modena.

16/11  – Brescia, Nuova Libreria Rinascita, in dialogo con Giovanni Mori (Fridays For Future).

17/11  – Bergamo, Libreria Incrocio Quarenghi.

18/11  – Milano, Fabbrica del Vapore, nell’ambito di BookCity Milano, in dialogo con Daria Bignardi.

25/11 – Firenze, Festival L’Eredità delle Donne, Manifattura Tabacchi, Sala Ridotto, in dialogo con il Edoardo Vigna.

10/12 – Roma, Fiera Più Libri, Più Liberi, in dialogo con Paolo Di Paolo.

Drought emergency in the Amazon

An extreme and unprecedented drought afflicts the Amazon and the forest peoples

The levels of the Amazon rivers have dropped dramatically and reached never-before-recorded records. The extreme heat, the lack of rain and the smoke from numerous fires are bringing local populations to their knees, triggering a humanitarian, health and environmental crisis.

AMAZÔNIA participates in relief operations to bring food, drinking water, medicines and basic necessities to hundreds of families left isolated in the most remote regions of the forest.

Join the fundraiser by donating even a small contribution:  you will help indigenous and traditional communities overcome a crisis for which they are not responsible, so that they can continue to be the guardians of the largest rainforest on the planet.


The Brazilian Amazon is experiencing the most extreme dry season ever recorded.

Aggravated by man-made global warming and strengthened by the El Niño phenomenon, which has not yet reached its peak, this exceptional drought has caused the Negro River – one of the main ones in the entire region – to fall to the lowest levels recorded in the last 121 years. Other major rivers such as the Solimões, the Purus, the Madeira and the Amazon itself are experiencing extreme levels of drought. According to forecasts, these severe climatic conditions will last at least until mid-2024.

The environmental consequences are dramatic, the thermal stress suffered by billions of trees increases their mortality, reducing the forest’s ability to generate its own rainfall. Over 150 dolphins have been found dead in an Amazon River lake where the water temperature reached 39°C, two degrees above human body temperature. Huge numbers of fish and other aquatic species are dying due to rising temperatures in reservoirs and decreasing oxygen content in the water.


Water scarcity also has a direct impact on the lives of forest people.

Thousands of people are isolated in the most remote regions, the lowering of river levels hinders the flow of boats, the main form of transport in the region and the only means of access to health and educational facilities for many families. Drought threatens the daily subsistence of populations who traditionally depend on fishing and agriculture. In many villages the water is no longer drinkable and the risk of diseases and infections is becoming increasingly high.

We need urgent action and your contribution is essential!

  • With a donation of 20 euros, you will guarantee drinking water for a native family for a week;
  • With a donation of 45 euros, you will guarantee food for a week for a native family;
  • With a donation of 70 euros, you will guarantee drinking water and food for a week for a native family;
  • With a donation of 170 euros, you will guarantee drinking water, food and essential medicines for at least 3 weeks for a native family.


Thank you!

Special thanks to the photographers who kindly gave us these extraordinary images e to organize the crowdfunding campaign:

Amazônia Real IG @amazoniareal

Tommaso Protti IG @tomprotti

Tadeu Rocha IG @eu.tadeu

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