400 billion trees

Protect a tree from the Amazon

There are so many trees in the Amazon, 13% of all trees on the planet.

Celebrate a special occasion by giving long life to a tree in the Amazon rainforest.

You will receive a Personalized Certificate with the dedication you want, the photo and the geographical coordinates of the tree you have chosen to protect.

Send the dedication text here!

Minimum donation €20.

Remember to write in the description “Protect a tree”

If you prefer to donate by bank transfer, remember to send the receipt together with the dedication.

Iban: IT53 I050 1801 6000  0001 1145 877


Banca Etica, current account in the name of: Associazione Amazonia Milano Onlus

Amazônia Onlus
Registered office:
Via Pola 21 – 20124 Milan, Italy
C.F. 97389380151

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