The Amazon is the planet's largest rainforest and river basin. One in 10 known species lives here as well as 30 million people.
In the last 10 years 1.200 new species have been discovered in the Amazon: one every 3 days.
Forest destruction is the second major cause of global greenhouse emissions. In Brazil 75% of emissions is due to the Amazon deforestation.
Climate change could soon lead to a tipping point where the tropical forest collapses.
The elimination of deforestation is crucial to tackling climate chaos, conserving biodiversity and defending traditional cultures.


The Amazon tropical rainforest is one of the most imperilled ecosystems on earth. Its survival depends on us, the people who inhabit it.
We, people of the forest, are its guardians, and we use the land without harming the plants and the animals that also call the rainforest their home.
We, the inhabitants of the Xixuaú, have been fighting against deforestation and degradation of our environment since 1992, creating alternatives of sustainable economic development, improving education and health for our children and defending our traditional culture.
The Amazon is vital to the future of the planet. We believe that it is not necessary to destroy the forest in the name of economy because a new form of development is actually possible through the responsible use of our natural resources.
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