Our story begins 18 years ago, as a direct consequence of an encounter with the peoples of the forest. In the heart of the Amazon, in a small remote village, nestled in a luxuriant and intact primary forest, a group of experts, connoisseurs and passionate defenders of the environment establishes a pact of trust with the native population, with the common goal of protecting the forest. Forever.

Step by step, we have achieved increasingly ambitious goals and implemented projects to spread knowledge, protect delicate environments and chang the lives of many people.

This is why we decided to give ourselves a gift and renew our graphic design: a new logo, a new site, a new colour.

How do you like them?

New logo

The sloth has always been our symbol and describes our deep bond with the forest. We have stylized it, transformed it, even hidden it a little, but it is always him: the animal that best represents the spirit of our organization, the result of a slow adaptation to the environment, with which it lives in total harmony.

The species has a long evolutionary history, whose roots go back to the Eocene. For 35 million years, sloths have lived in tropical forests and have an intimate relationship with the trees on which they depend.

The evolutionary success of this slow and peaceful species is still a mystery. An exclusive inhabitant of the tropical forest, the sloth climbs high into the trees in the morning to get energy from the sun and, when it is very hot, returns to the shade. If sloths didn’t live in warm, humid environments covered by trees, perhaps they would move faster. But over countless generations, they have achieved a pace of life perfectly suited to its environment.

New website

The restyling also affected our website, which changed its look, becoming richer in updated content and information, more dynamic and engaging.

Through this new website we want to communicate and transmit what the Amazon has taught us in twenty years, to share experiences, successes and failures with you. We want to engage with you, tell you the stories of the people who live in the forest, share ideas and projects and spread a message of harmony and respect.

We want to continue to be inspired by nature, observe its balance and learn to respect it for what it is.

And who, if not the local people, can teach us the culture of respect?

New colors

The Amazon Biome contains the largest remaining tropical forest on the planet and the largest river, both in terms of length and flow.

If you have taken a look at our new website you will surely have noticed the uniqueness of the colour: a hybrid between green and blue, a mix of colors that wants to make us fly to the beating heart of the Amazon.

In that forest that is our home, where the bright green plants are reflected in the waters of the streams that flow through them.

Where the boundaries between heaven and earth are undefined. And undefined is also the color that was created especially for us.

We can call it Amazonian green, turquoise blue or forest blue… whatever name we give it, the fact is that by closing our eyes it will take us back there, to that magical distant world.


A big thank you to our partner VisiOnAir for the splendid graphic restyling. A precious gift for our 18 years!

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