Especially in the more remote regions, where the forest is intact and there are no roads, rivers are the main communication routes.

In the Amazonian river labyrinth, the distance from large cities and isolation favor environmental protection but, at the same time, slow down the social and economic development of local communities.

For the transportation of produced goods to the markets, for ordinary movements or for health emergencies, the peoples of the forest have to face long journeys – hundreds of kilometers and days of navigation.

Amazônia has provided river transport to isolated communities in difficult-to-access regions on several occasions. These provisions include traditional wooden boats, fast motorboats, rowing canoes, combustion or electric engines, as well as fuel supplies, batteries and maintenance of river vehicles.
Such implements have made it possible to save lives, start agricultural and tourist activities, enforce anti-poaching patrols and facilitate the supply of food and basic necessities.

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