“Party” in the collective sense of the word, meaning a gathering place where guests come together from many places.

An important occasion in the Amazon, where you can sail for days to reach the chosen meeting place, with the aim of getting to know each other, meeting again, talking, planning, making pacts and new alliances. Also of commercial nature.

With the support of the Autonomous Province of Trento in Italy, and in collaboration with the local organization Trentino Insieme, the multi-year project Maryba has brought numerous opportunities for sustainable development and exchange to the peoples of the forest such as the development of commercial supply chains and strengthening of food supply chains, crafts, scientific research, support for community-based tourism, professional training, and environmental education.

Representatives of mountain communities from Tanzania, in Africa, visited the Amazon and received a visit from representatives of the traditional communities of the Brazilian forest: a South-South collaboration that allowed an important exchange of experiences in the common goal of protecting tropical forests.

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