Great joy in the Amazon for the recent visit of our vice president!

After a long absence, Tiziana Faraoni came back to visit the Jauaperi Reserve, where Amazônia has been working for many years.

“It was nice to see the many improvements, the tangible results achieved over the years. CoopXixuaú is a doing fantastic work with its community-based ecotourism, bringing income and better living conditions to many families of the park.

We reached several villages and visited the works carried out with the support of Amazônia, such as the community center of the indigenous village Gaspar and that of the Itaquera community. In the Bela Vista community, we verified the progress of the education project we are carrying out together with the English partner ACT, with whom we are rebuilding the schools of the reserve.

It was beautiful to come back and spend time with friends, seeing those who once were children become fathers. One emotion after another!”

Tiziana is the picture editor in charge of the important Italian news magazine “L’Espresso” and the TOFM – The Official Ferrari Magazine. During her stay, the vice president and the team of our partner VisionAir filmed and took photographs that will enrich the local cooperative’s image archive, our partner for the creation of projects in the reserve.

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