During its 5th edition, Agenda Brasil takes a look on the stories about the increasingly multifaceted and richly problematic Brazilian reality, seeking new accents and reinterpret the proposals of the previous editions. Cinema, live music, literature: voices from Brazil.

Included in the 2016 Agenda Brasil, there’ll be also our Xixuau Project, presented in many events, concerts and happenings organized in Milan in November. In partucular, the Xixuau project will be introduce by Chiara Tosi during the charity music show “Vaporosa”, with the famous musicians Rinaldo Donati e Roberto Taufic.

All the funds raised will be donated to Amazonia Onlus for the Amazon natives.

Associazione Amazonia Milano ETS
Registered office:
Via Pola 21 – 20124 Milan, Italy
C.F. 97389380151 – P Iva 13129030964

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