We continue our active collaboration with the Fundação Vitoria Amazonica, an important organization committed to the protection of the rights of the caboclos.
We have just concluded a professional course entitled “Management of Cooperatives and Associations”, held in the Community Xixuau and later in the village of Caicubi, the Rio Jufaris.
The course was attended by the leaders of CoopXixuaú (3 directors, 3 Fiscal Councilors, two secretaries), workers of the hospitality and reception of ecotourists (1 administrator, 1 operator in Manaus, 4 assistants, 4 cooks, 5 attendants) and the staff in charge of relations with ecotourists (17 environmental guides).
The lessons were conducted by qualified personnel from the Brazilian organization Fundação Vitoria Amazonica, our partner in the Getting Reddy project and certified body at national level for education and training activities for the benefit of the natives of the Amazon.
The reliability and success of the course was guaranteed by the competence of the Fundação Vitoria Amazonica and its  deep knowledge if the socio-environmental issues in the region of Rio Jauaperi.

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