Since 2001 the Amazônia Association has been working with the Ministry of the Environment to ensure that the area of the current Xixuaú-Xiparinã and a much greater area along both sides of the Jauaperi river is designated as an Extractivist Reserve (Resex).

This type of protected area guarantees local people the right to manage natural resources with the aims of improving their quality of life, generating income and giving them a permanent right to remain in their home area. The proposed Resex would increase the protected area to more than 630,000 hectares, including a population of around one thousand people. It has been approved at every level of the Brazilian government and only waits for the final presidential decree, to come into effect.

A campaign to encourage the approval of the Resex is underway with support from various local NGOs including WWF-Brazil, GTA (Amazon Workers' Group), FVA (Vitória Amazônica Foundation), CNS (the National Council of Rubber Tappers) and ISA (the Socio-Environmental Institute).
17% of the Amazon rainforest has been lost forever and a large part of what remains is under threat. It's likely that only around 30% of the standing forest can truly be considered as intact, including the area of the Resex, demonstrating the value of conservation methods that put local people in control of forest management.
The area is part of the Central Amazonian Ecological Corridor: an area designated by the UN and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), which aims to protect a continuous area stretching from the border with Peru to Guiana. This means that the Resex is a vital element in the overall national and international strategy to protect the Amazon forest.
Edited by Emanuela Evangelista

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